2017 Activities/COverage

December 2017

Subcomm Outing

November 2017

Precedence: Collaboration with SP Comperes and SP Stage Management

Arts Fiesta: SP Harmonica Ensemble


Arts Fiesta: SP String Ensemble

SPSE Arts Fiesta 2017 highlight.mp4

Arts Fiesta: SP Guitarists

Arts Fiesta: SP Chinese Orchestra

ECG Career Fair

Arts Fiesta: SP Theatre-Compass

Arts Fiesta: Strictly Dance Zone

Arts Fiesta: Malay Language Society


October 2017

SB HR Symposium

September 2017

Singapore Open Memory Championship

SP Alumni: Old Habits Shoot

Ideas Hack

Ideas Hack Vid_01.mp4

July 2017

Poly50 Marathon

Youth Leadership Summit

June 2017

SP Chinese Orchestra Concert

SPVC Training Camp 2017