About Us

SP Videography Club is an interest-based CCA set up in 2008 by a group of zealous and fun-loving individuals who enjoy making videos. Today, the same passion is carried on by a new generation of creatives who strive to tell their own stories using film as a medium.

Whether you're a pro or amateur videographer, our club believes it is not the shots that make the videographer but the videographer that makes the shot. Hence, regardless of your experience, there's a place in SPVC for everyone.

Our Purpose

SP Videography Club aims to equip and provide a platform for our members to develop a growth mindset who will serve with integrity, lead with responsibility and being proactively impacting others with their videography knowledge, critical thinking skills, and their passion instilled in them.

Also, to create an SPVC FAM culture which our members will be optimistic with the Club's directions and will teach the right values of empathy and respect that will eventually contribute productively to society. Each Member in the SPVC FAM will be capable of adaptability under different conditions and will always keep resilience in action.


1. Weekly Technical Trainings

  • Suitable for individuals who have little or no prior experience with taking videos
  • These trainings covers the basic and intermediate techniques of videography
  • In these trainings, you'll learn about visual storytelling, basic operations of camera, editing
  • Learn how to shoot other interesting videos such as stop-motions and green screen
  • Learn how to edit using Premiere Pro or directly from your handphones

2. Adhoc Videography Coverage

  • Get to shoot for school-wide or nation-wide events
  • Use Semi-Professional Cameras
  • Build a portfolio/showreel
  • Gain feedback for your work
  • Gain CCA Points

3. Making Movies

  • Meet potential collaborators who are interested in making shorts together
  • Make short videos to send for competitions or upload them onto your own YouTube/Vimeo channels
  • Gain an audience

Where Are We?

Our Club Room is located on Level 2 of Singapore Polytechnic's Food Court 5, at room FC5225.