About Us

SP Videography Club is an interest-based CCA set up in 2008 by a group of zealous and fun-loving individuals who enjoy making videos. Today, the same passion is carried on by a new generation of creatives who strive to tell their own stories using film as a medium.

Whether you're a pro or amateur videographer, our club believes it is not the shots that make the videographer but the videographer that makes the shot. Hence, regardless of your experience, there's a place in SPVC for everyone.

Our activities consist of

1. Weekly Technical Trainings

  • Suitable for individuals who have little or no prior experience with taking videos
  • These trainings covers the basic and intermediate techniques of videography
  • In these trainings, you'll learn about visual storytelling, basic operations of camera, editing
  • Learn how to shoot other interesting videos such as stop-motions and green screen
  • Learn how to edit using Premiere Pro or directly from your handphones

2. Adhoc Videography Coverage

  • Get to shoot for school-wide or nation-wide events
  • Use Semi-Professional Cameras
  • Build a portfolio/showreel
  • Gain feedback for your work
  • Gain CCA Points

3. Making Movies

  • Meet potential collaborators who are interested in making shorts together
  • Make short videos to send for competitions or upload them onto your own YouTube/Vimeo channels
  • Gain an audience

Where Are We?

Our Club Room is located on Level 2 of Singapore Polytechnic's Food Court 5, at room FC5225.